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    The most budget friendly and simple way to make memories at Purulia serves you the Ac Super Deluxe rooms. The rooms are well equipped with a queens bed, and decent modern home amenities to sit and get entertained. Other services includes the 24*7 wifi, cable connection, free toiletries, electric tea making pot, geyser with warm water, and a day filled with comfort and care. Modern amenities include fully sanitized rooms and curtains are also part of the necessity.

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    The AC Deluxe rooms at Sagar Raj Resort are spacious, bright and well equipped. The rooms offer you great view from the spacious windows and big balcony, beside the rooms are fully furnished and air conditioned. Our ever ready staffs will be just a phone call away from you and will get the best experience one can ask for. Some more services offered for this room includes 24*7 wifi, electricity and cable connection. Geyser serving warm water anytime, toiletries, bath towel, hygienic bathroom ethics are also some included availabilities. Other luxury amenities are an electric tea maker to serve tea at any time easily, soft clean pillows, clean laundry services, well sanitized rooms and curtains and big time happy experiences.

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A bright and inviting Multi-cuisine Restaurant that offers an eclectic all day dining menu including Indian, Continental and Chinese Cuisine. A bright and inviting Multi-cuisine Restaurant that offers an eclectic all day dining menu including Indian, C

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Situated at the foothill of Panchakot (panchet hill), in the north east corner of the Purulia District,close to the boundary with district Burdwan and JharKhand.Hilltop offers picturesque and panoramic view of the command area of the Panchet dam on Damodar River and its reservior. Bird watching on Panchet dam is a treat to the eye.


A major attraction for ardent rock climbers, Joychandi Pahar (Hill) is still a pretty unexplored entity. The hill is named after Chandi Ma (Goddess Chandi). A small temple dedicated to her stands on top of this hill. There are a number of small lakes and an abandoned tower nearby, which apparently was used by dacoits in older days. One has to climb 400 steps to reach the top, which can be taxing. Since the area is quite dry and barren, you wouldn't find any source of drinking water.


Cheliama is considered as one of the most popular destinations in Purulia. It has a rich history and is also known as a paradise for historians and archaeologists. The village has remnants of civilization in the region dating to the 17th century. Temple's aroud the village are good example of the architecture, artistry and culture of their eras and this is seen in the figurines and carvings in these temples. Apart from this, the renowned Radha-Govinda Temple in Cheliama attracts many tourists.


Ayodhya Hills is a hill located in the Purulia district. It is a part of the Dalma Hills and extended part of Eastern Ghats range. Highest peak of Ajodhya Hills is Gorgaburu. The nearest populated town is Bagmundi. It is a popular place for young mountaineers to learn the basic course in rock climbing. There are two routes available to reach Ajodhya Hills. One is via Jhalda and the other one is via Sirkabad.


Para is a popular tourist destination and also a village that is known to have heralded the arrival of Muslims to the east. The district is home to two pre-Muslim deuls; one is in sync with the temple in Deulghat and the other belongs to a later period. Both of them prove to be good examples of the architecture and artistry of their ages. The inheritance buildings remind one of the bygone eras. Para is an excellent tourist spot and also a village that reminds you of the advent of Muslims to the east.


Deulghat is considered as a land of temples. The place is home to approximately 15 temples that are close to the Kansai River. This region is known for the architecture and the intricacy in carvings and decorations in its temples. Deulghat, keeping up to its name, is the land of temples. The place is home to about 15 temples near the Kansai River.


Baghmundi is a small community development block located in the administrative division of Purulia. Every year thousands of tourists visit this place to witness the natural beauty of the magnificent Ayodhya Hills and the many dams. The picturesque landscape here consists of undulating hills, cascading waterfalls, lush green forests with rich variety of flora and fauna. Travelers can get a variety of experience from historical and archeological sites to eco tourism.


Baranti is a small, quiet and scenic place. There is a 2 km long irrigation project dam, located between two small hillocks, Muradi Hill and Baranti Hill. Baranti is in the vicinity of Ramchandrapur Irrigation Project. One gets a grand view of the reservoir from Baranti. It is a place where one can take a break from drudgery and daily monotony and simply rejuvenate one's mind and soul. It is part of the wonderful Rarh countryside. Baranti is also a picnic spot where people from nearby areas come for a day-long picnic.


Purulia is a tropical region of West Bengal, which lies in the westernmost district of the state. Spread over more than a territory of 6,259 sq km, the area imparts its limit to Bankura, Paschim Medinipur, Bardhaman, Dhanbad, Bokaro, Ranchi, West Singhbhum and East Singhbhum locale. This westernmost area of West Bengal gives access to the modern belts of West Bengal. Khairabera Lake is situated in Purulia District, West Bengal, India.Road Distance or driving distance from Purulia to Khairabera Dam is 67 kms.


Turga and Bamni falls near Baghmundi are favorite picnic spots. These dams are set in picturesque locales. The area is covered by tall Sal trees which bear testimony to the history of the place. The rich flora is the home to many varieties of birds. This is a perfect place to enjoy a lazy day with family and friends.


It is a tribal town. The spot can be reached via auto from both Purulia and Jharkhand stations. To visit Kenkechi Hill, Murguma Dam Lake and woods are beneficial. The winter season is perfect for them who appreciate cold evenings. Visiting the spot in the winter season adequate warm garments should be brought as the temperature after nightfalls floats around 5 to 6 degree Celsius during evening it drops down to 3 degree Celsius.


Just 13 km from Burdwan in the Puruliya district, Duarsini is a small tribal village. The whole attraction of this village lies in its picturesque setting surrounded by rolling hills and lush greenery of the Dalma Hills. Wildlife enthusiasts will especially love this place as the Dalma Forest contains a plethora of wildlife like bears, wolves, boars and many known and unknown bird species. Sometimes one can even spot elephants coming out of the forest into Duarsini.


Saheb Bandh is a 50 acre lake in Purulia, that is known to have been constructed in the mid 19th century. It is said this water body was dug by convicts, at the instigation of Colonel Tikley, during the British Raj. Now, Saheb Bandh is also considered as a home for migratory birds. During the migratory season, birds fly from Baluchistan, Siberia and several places in Europe, to this place. Thus, for local birdwatchers, Saheb Bandh is a popular retreat.


A popular picnic spot for travellers, Surulia has been developed by the forest department and is popular amongst eco tourists. Just 6 km away from the main town, the Eco Park is located on the bank on the bank of the river Kangsabati, it has a deer park and tourism cottage inside and it is visited in huge numbers by the visitors.